Internet safety tips

Some things to watch out for when using wi-fi out of town. Certainly useful for the journey holiday long weekend like now. In the past, bring a laptop when traveling out of town is only done by the entrepreneur or just an important person. But now, many people feel the need to bring a laptop while traveling, starting from ordinary employees, students, even school children.
Understandably, the need to exist in cyberspace increasing since the fever is endemic social networking sites. Also now more and more people are relying on the Internet to transact, even during the holidays though.
If wi-fi connection is your mainstay, be careful. There is to be aware of security-related uses wi-fi networks in public places, especially if it is done in a place entirely new.
First, beware of pickpockets cyber action (cyber pickpocket). Like pickpockets in general, this type of pickpockets also target wallet from money to credit cards. The difference only modus operandi of course, cyber thief use wi-fi connection to launch the action.
Second, be careful with wi-fi network false. There is wi-fi network that looks like a "good networking", look very convincing, and his name seemed like the hotel's network, airports, or a national network provider. When in fact it was a fake network made by the fraudster. This type of cyber fraud called "evil twin" or the Evil Twins. If the transaction using wi-fi network like this fake, chances are your data stolen. Nightmare on holiday!
Third, beware of a spy (spy). They usually use spyware to infiltrate your online connection, and then record all data. There are also "thief heard" (eavesdropper), who are ready eavesdropping important data such as credit card, bank account numbers, or passwords. They can read the laptop screen and see everything from travel planning to e-mail address.
Cautious and vigilant is the main capital in maintaining security online activities. Furthermore, do preventive measures as follows:
- Jump off the wi-fi was not used. This step can minimize your chances of finding criminals.
- The same thing should be done to a Bluetooth connection. When using it, hide a way to set the status of a "hidden" and turn off if it is not used.
- Do not conduct financial transactions with the network of public wi-fi. Such networks are not secured.
- Always use security software with the latest updates. Make sure you update your security software before you travel.

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