Tips Mengatasi Kaca Berembun

Overcoming tips frosted glass

Heavy rain is very disturbing ride comfort. Especially if the car driven by an AC problems or die, so complete was 'suffering' the driver.
As rain, we will automatically close the window of our car meetings. Well, if our car air conditioner was not working properly when it rains, it is often frosted glass windows, because of the difference in air pressure. As a result, visibility to the front would be affected over time, due to the fogged windshield.
Travel so forth not hampered by this problem, can do some emergency tips to eliminate the fog on the windshield. We can apply the way the driver is often done by public transport, namely by using hair shampoo, which is certainly very easy to find.
The trick is to spread the liquid shampoo to the entire inner surface of the glass to taste, because if most could even interfere with vision. Also do not be mixed with water, because the glass surface will gradually spread with more nodes.
Liquid shampoos contain chemicals that can block water vapor deposition, so that moisture due to heat in the cabin could not be attached to the glass surface which had been spread with hair shampoo.
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